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Effective HVAC design with FLUID DESK tools!

The long-awaited update to version 4.0 installers is now available that work with BricsCAD V18 Pro and Platinum!

Fig. 1.. Ventpack 4.0 in BricsCAD V18 environment

Effective HVAC system design has never been easier! It takes only 8 hours of training to be able to perform complex multi-branch projects, perform hydraulic and acoustic calculations and prepare the bill of materials.

Reasons why users are enthusiastic about Ventpack:

  • contains an exhaustive set of engineering functions, including: management of parametric CAD & BIM libraries, hydraulic and acoustic calculations, tools for placing labels and dimensions, allows working in both 2D and 3D views ;
  • has six main functions that speed up the process of designing installations: continuous drawing, follow the wall, auxiliary and intelligent cross sections, insert element and joining;
  • enables exchange of files with all participants of the design process (architects, contractors, investors, producers) who use the BIM methodology to work together;
  • using our online platform partshelf24.com, the time necessary for preparing cost estimates of the designed installations can be dramatically decreased, with tracking of changes in material lists and direct contact with manufacturers of elements and devices for building HVAC installations .
Fig. 2 . Ventpack 4.0 - Insert elements
Fig. .3. Ventpack 5.0 - Connecting elements
Fig. .4 FLM 4.0 - Properties window

All users of the 3.0 version of FLUID DESK programs are encouraged to check out our latest solutions and to update of their licenses!