Ventpack® is the most productive CAD & BIM software for designing ventilation, air conditioning and smoke control systems.

Supported platforms: BricsCAD Pro/Platinum/BIM and AutoCAD.

Reasons why users are enthusiastic about Ventpack:
A comprehensive suite of engineering functions
Parametric element library management
Flexible numbering, labelling and dimensioning tools

Pressure loss calculations and reporting

Calculation of noise distribution in ducting systems

Handling multiple drawings and multi-story projects

Proficient use within one working day

Only a few simple, intuitive functions that require merely hours of training to get started designing complex ventilation systems. Contact our team and schedule your training session and see for yourself:


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The simplicity of the six main drawing functions
Automatic connection

Connect two selected fragments of the installation quickly…

Insert element

Insert a fan or other duct fitting from the library into an existing straight duct…

Continuous drawing

Draw ducts turn-by-turn, specifying points on the drawing…

Continuous drawing with offset

Draw ducts while maintaining a desired constant distance…

Cross section

Create cross section views of selected elements…

Auxiliary cross section

Transform selected elements to a temporary cross section view…