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If you want to understand why the FLUID DESK BIM 2024 platform is so willingly chosen for modelling MEP systems, take part in the Workshops.

We invite you to the first edition of free Workshops for MEP & AEC professionals in 2024 on June 27, 2024 at 10:30 CEST. Estimated duration around 2.5 hours!


Register right now: https://www.fluid-desk.com/workshop-240626/

We will present the latest edition of the FLUID DESK BIM 2024 environment, which is an unrivalled environment for modelling MEP systems. If you want to increase the productivity of your project team and reduce the costs of your organization, these workshops are for you!

FLUID DESK BIM 2024 is a BIM platform that provides comprehensive conditions for working with building models submitted by architects in the IFC or RVT format. Participants will be introduced to the process of preparing a model for design. We will also present most of the features of Ventpack, Hydronicpack and the new features of the Sanipack software package.

We will conduct the workshops using a new model of a high-rise building.


We will present how to effectively organize the BIM coordination process so that we can work on the current model. The participants of the design and construction process receive the up to date project status from us. We also provide with instructions on how to automate the process of publishing 2D documentation using the serial print function, thus significantly reducing the time required for the release of project documentation.


During the workshops, we will pay special attention to solutions that improve design productivity thanks to:

  • new and more optional possibilities of creating custom elements and their export to IFC and RVT,
  • improving the function of continuous design of many pipes in various technologies,
  • automatic insulation to designed pipe installations,
  • displaying and editing slopes of pipe installations,
  • use of Wizard function: filtering, isolating and editing many elements at the same time,

These are just selected functions that determine the improvement of work efficiency, which you will be able to learn about during our meeting.

There will be a discussion of the latest manufacturers’ libraries, including the latest 2-way electronic differential pressure controller with the function of measuring flow, temperature and power TA-Smart-Dp from the offer of IMI HYDRONIC ENGINEERING.

We will also introduce you to the latest library of sprinkler installation elements, which will be available soon in Hydronicpack.

We will also check other recently updated libraries from DANFOSS, KAMPMANN, VASCO, VENTIA and GRYFIT TECHNIK.

During the Workshops, we will present an update on the progress of the AI implementation project for automatic preparation of building models for the purposes of energy analysis and energy certification, which the FLUID DESK team is working on.



Use the form on our website: https://www.fluid-desk.com/workshop-240626/


If you have any questions, please contact us by email: support@fluid-desk.com or by phone +48 609 859 862.