Hydronicpack® is the most comprehensive software for designing hydronic cooling and heating systems.

Supported platforms: BricsCAD Pro/Platinum/BIM and AutoCAD.

A comprehensive suite of engineering functions
Parametric element library management
Flexible labeling and dimensioning tools

Handling multiple drawings and multi-story project

Automatic pipe sizing

Users can define their own rules for each pipe type, based on which…

Valve placement

Cutoff, control and or balancing valves for terminals can be inserted automatically…

Pressure loss analysis

Having connected all terminals and sources, as well as all necessary accessories

THe simplicity of the six main drawing functions
Connect elements

Quickly connect two pipe segments or several terminals at once to a selected…

Placing elements

When you select the „Automatic sizing” option in the „Element Properties”…

Design pipes

Design single or multiple pipes turn by turn, specifying points on the drawing…

Design bypass

Insert a bypass if needed for hydraulic regulation of the designed system…

Cross section

Create cross section views of selected elements from any angle. The function copies…

Auxiliary cross section

Transform selected elements to a temporary cross section view that can be oriented at any angle and which…

Proffesional training for beginner and advanced users

Whether you are only taking your first steps or are already a seasoned designer of water heating and cooling systems, you can always benefit from professional training to improve your skills and enhance your Hydronicpack productivity. Contact our team to schedule your training: