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We invite you to the premiere of FLUID DESK BIM during the first edition of Workshops for professionals from the architecture, engineering and construction industries in 2023.


The program is the same every day, so choose one of the convenient dates:

  • May 23 (Tuesday),
  • May 24 (Wednesday) or
  • May 25 (Thursday).

We start at 10:30.


During our meetings, we will present a fully functional FLUID DESK BIM environment and a number of new features awaited by many users, including:

  • creating custom elements and exporting them to IFC and RVT,
  • improved continuous drawing function for multiple pipes in different technologies,
  • automatic insulation of designed piping systems,
  • view and edit piping slopes,
  • wizard: filter, isolate and edit multiple elements at once.

These are just some of the features that you will be able to see for the first time!

We will also review recently published libraries, including Wilo, IMI or Vasco and GRYFIT TECHNIK, and we will provide information about new projects that we are implementing, among others, for Ventia, Danfoss or Kampmann.

The next edition of the workshop is an opportunity to learn about the methodology of acoustic calculations in Ventpack and the requirements – regulations regarding acceptable sound levels in buildings – the current status and planned changes will be discussed and calculation examples will be presented.

The progress of the artificial intelligence implementation project to automatically prepare the building model for the needs of energy loss and gain analysis and energy certification, which the FLUID DESK team is working on, will also be presented.


Choose one of the proposed workshop dates: 23, 24 or 25 May 2023 and send your applications to the e-mail address: support@fluid-desk.com – in the title of the e-mail, enter “FLUID DESK WORKSHOPS” and the selected date. In the e-mail body, please confirm your name, company name and e-mail address to which FLUID DESK will send a link to the workshops.


There is only a limited number of participants admitted. Workshops start at 10:30 – duration about 3 hours.


If you have any questions, please contact us by phone +48 609 859 862.