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FLUID DESK Seminar in Istanbul 2019

Download and try FLUID DESK software - probably the best solution for CAD & BIM design



On behalf of FLUID DESK and dP Kontrol, we  thank all participants for attending our meeting in Istanbul!


It was our great pleasure to explore with you functionality of Ventpack and Hydronickpack and to demonstrate possible increase of productivity of HVAC systems design, thanks among others to:

  • six drawing function which help you speed up drawing process,
  • hydraulic and acoustic calculation for ventilation ducts,
  • automatic valve placement and system balance for hydronic installations,
  • automatic BOM,
  • flexible numbering, labeling and annotation,
  • advanced tools for multi-editing, filtering and isolating elements form drawing,
  • easy export to ifc and rvt format,
  • proficient use within one working day.

If you want to know more about our tools download materials for Ventpack and Hydornicpack, visit our website www.fluid-desk.com or subscribe FLUID DESK channel.


Check also PartShelf24 – free to use web B2B tool that provides a single place for quoting and purchasing HVAC components. PartShelf24 can cooperates with ERP systems, offers electronic data exchange compliant with the EDI standard and is fully integrated with Ventpack, Hydronicpack and FLM.

If You are intrested and would like to try FLUID DESK CAD & BIM solutions we can provide free on-line training! Contact us – specify date and time for our meeting:


mail: info@fluid-desk.com


What’s up: +48 609 85 98 62


We are waiting to offer You the ultimate 3D CAD & BIM platform for HVAC design!