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New installer version available for 4.0 that now supports AutoCAD 2018!

We provide you with the latest FLUID DESK installer that works with AutoCAD 2018!

Fig. 1. Ventpack 4.0 w in AutoCAD 2018 environment
Fig. 2. Hydronicpack 4.0 in AutoCAD 2018 environment

Ventpack and Hydronicpack allow highly efficient HVAC system design, provide a wide range of possibilities for selecting system components, perform hydraulic and acoustic calculations, and with the help of the PartShelf24.com platform, accelerate the process of creating offers and preparing orders.

Moreover, having the entire FLUID DESK software package including FLM, Ventpack. Hydronicpack and Project Explorer, users can:

  • use parametric element libraries to place devices from leading manufacturers supporting CAD & BIM technology,
  • create multi-story designs with both 2D and 3D models,
  • design comprehensive installations covering ventilation, cooling and heating systems
Fig. 3. Export of Ventpack 4.0 elements
Ventpack 5.0 - library elements
Fig. 5. Ventpack 4.0 element in .IFC format

We encourage you to follow the website www.fluid-desk.com, where you will have access to the latest installer packages of version 4.0 for AutoCAD 2013-2018!