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Update FLM for free and expand the capabilities and productivity of your designers team.

Productive BIM design of hydronic heating and cooling systems becomes even simpler with the latest advanced parametric library of WILO pump systems, with integrated hydraulic characteristics published in Hydronicpack!

Download the library update, and if you are in doubt how to install it, please contact our Technical Support. Instructions for installing the library can be found HERE.


The library is supported by Hydronicpack version 5.0. If you haven’t updated your version yet, this is definitely the best moment.

Using the latest WILO library – which is a de facto advanced manufacturer selection software, you can quickly and effectively design the hydronic systems taking into account all the nuances of the project, in particular in terms of energy consumption.

Design using advanced BIM software from the FLUID DESK – exchange designed models with architects, structural consultants and other industry professionals in most popular design formats on the market.


If you are a manufacturer of HVAC equipment and components and you want to add your own library of elements to FLUID DESK BIM programs, please contact us by phone +48 609 859 862 or by e-mail: info@fluid-desk.com

See the gallery with examples of projects with WILO pump systems.