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Be sure to save time – design HVAC systems with Ventpack using the CONTINUOUS DRAWING function!

With a single click, you can change routing of the duct or pipe system, set elevations, create cross-sections and place fittings, offsets or insert bypasses.

Do you want to speed up your HVAC system design process? Change elevation of ducts and pipes in an automated way, quickly draw offsets and bypasses, change cross-sections and insert tees without having to choose specific fittings from the library? Start using the Continuous Drawing function and see your work become even more efficient! Save your time designing advanced HVAC systems by using the CAD & BIM technology provided by FLUID DESK tools!

To satisfy all Your curiosity, today we reveal selected Ventpack 5.0 Beta functions!
Features such as filtering, isolating and simultaneously modifying several elements increase even further the work efficiency of designers using FLUID DESK software!


New installer version available for 4.0 that now supports AutoCAD 2018!

We provide you with the latest FLUID DESK installer that works with AutoCAD 2018!
Ventpack and Hydronicpack allow highly efficient HVAC system design, provide a wide range of possibilities for selecting system components, perform hydraulic and acoustic calculations, and with the help of the platform, accelerate the process of creating offers and preparing orders.